A multinational narco trafficking gang has confessed to running a complex operation to import drugs they had swallowed or stashed in their luggage and sell them on the island of Mallorca.

Operating through their drug den in Son Banya, 26 members pleaded guilty to a judge in court while a further eight denied they were in the gang, which operated for one year before being brought down in a police action called ‘Operation Anion’.

The gang was rumbled in June 2018 when one of their mules was caught at Palma airport with 62 packages containing nearly a kilogram of heroin and cocaine inside their body.

The operation, which also flooded the streets with hashish and marijuana, was divided into three distinct parts, each run by a different nationality, according to prosecutors.

The first part was operated from Son Banya, where gang leaders hired locals to sell the drugs 24/7, working 12 hour shifts, watching out for police and pushing the drugs in the neighbourhood.

The second branch, mainly composed of Nigerians, brought heroin and cocaine into Mallorca hidden in their bodies or luggage. 

The gang sourced the shipments from countries such as the Netherlands and Italy and cut them with various substances to maximise their profits.

Distribution was handled by Dominicans, who used a hair salon in Parc de les Estacions in Palma as a front.


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