TWO LIVERPOOL fans in Madrid for today’s Champions League game against Real Madrid have been arrested after running up a €2,200 bar bill and then leaving without paying. 

The men, aged 52 and 49, bought drinks for everyone on Tuesday night in an establishment called Commo, located in Calle Espoz y Mina, the Spanish daily ABC reported. In total, between shots, champagne and long drinks, they made as many as 90 orders.

At one point the waiters gave them a bill for €1,000, which the two paid. But then they continued to order more drinks, claiming to be millionaires and assuring the staff that they would not have to worry about the bill. 

At 2.30am, when the establishment was closing, the two men – who by that point were very drunk – tried to get out of paying, claiming they did not have enough money on them. 

The National Police were called, prompting a violent response from the two Liverpool fans. They were eventually arrested and accused of fraud. 

The Madrid council’s security chief, Inmaculada Sanz, on Wednesday called on Liverpool fans in the city for the Champions League game to try to enjoy themselves without causing problems. This incident, however, came before that particular appeal.

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