A woman has been arrested in Palma after she posed as an officer from the Guardia Civil to a lover she met on Tinder. The detainee wore her husband’s uniform on dates with the victim, a musician, and claimed to be working as a police officer investigating crimes.

The woman also told the victim that she lived with her brother who was also an officer and that she looked after her two nieces, who were actually her daughters. She moved into the victim’s house with her daughters.

The victim confronted the woman after suspecting she was posing as a Guardia Civil officer which she denied. He eventually blocked the woman from his social media accounts and phone but she turned up to his place of work and would email him claiming that he had stolen some of her belongings.

Once suspicions arose about the fabrication of the woman’s life, the victim began recording their conversations fearing that she may denounce him. 

The Guardia Civil interviewed the woman’s husband who stated that they had a complicated relationship and that he was aware that his wife had been dating the victim, had posed as a policewoman and told the musician that their daughters were her nieces.

After confronting the woman about the lies, she said that because of his claims she was going to be expelled from the Guardia Civil and would end up working as a Carrefour security guard. 


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