The Cybersecurity Centre of Andalucia will open its doors next week in the Port of Malaga.

The capital of the Costa del Sol will be the hub of Andalucian cyber strategy. Next week the area for training and relations with cybersecurity companies will open its doors. The centre will be fully operational before the end of 2023.

The number of cyberattacks registered in Andalucia is 57,000 per annum, equating to 160 a day.

The total investment into the centre sits at around 60 million euros, and will provide services to the Andalucian Administration, institutions, councils, town halls, universities , companies and citizens.

The centre will house a cybersecurity node, a connection point for receiving, storing and transmitting data, which will receive an investment of 14 million euros. Its primary function will be for cybersecurity but will also be linked to health and smart cities.

Andalucian Minister of the Presidency, Antonio Sanz, stressed that Andalucia is ‘a pioneer in the coordination and promotion of the cybersecurity strategy’.

On 22 and 23 March Andalucia plays host to the second Cybersecurity Congress for the region. This year there are ‘far more than 2,000 participants’.  The counselor highlighted ‘the more progress in the development of the Internet and technology, the more risk and, therefore, the more protection we need, the more preparation’ this is the key focus being addressed at the congress.


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