A 37-year-old man has been arrested after strangling his mother to death at their Valencia home.

It’s the sixth homicide this year in the Valencian Community.

The woman’s body was discovered by her elder son who entered the flat in the San Marcelino area of the city.

He returned home at around 1.30am on Thursday after finishing his shift working as a security card.

His younger brother was reported by the Las Provincias newspaper as suffering from ‘mental issues’

Policia Local and Policia Nacional officers were called to the scene and apprehended the assailant.

Reports suggest that the man named as Javier firstly attacked his 68-year-old mother, Elena, with a broom.

The assault was so brutal that the wooden broom stick broke and he then strangled her.

Neighbours said that Elena allegedly suffered from depression after her husband left her with her two grown-up sons, and that she rarely went out of her home since the Covid pandemic.

A resident on the same floor of the building told Las Provincias: “It was a good family with no history of violence but their son(Javier) did not look well and was very skinny- you could tell that something was wrong with him.”

Another neighbour who was a ‘lifelong family friend’ commented that he was ‘not surprised’ by what had happened as the victim’s younger son ‘had not been well for sometime’.

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