PLANS for a new €208 million hospital serving 340,000 people in the Lliria-Paterna health area in Valencia have been unveiled on Thursday.

The Arnau de Villanova hospital at Campanar will transfer to Paterna, with the current facility becoming a palliative care unit with 250 individual rooms.

With 1,250 parking spaces, the new complex will be accessible by all municipalities in its catchment area- helped by being located close to the CV-31 and CV-365 highways.

The original hospital was built in 1968 with extensions constructed down the years, but it now can’t cope with demand in an area which has seen its population spiral up by over 70,000 in the last two decades.

The new Arnau Hospital will be three times larger with up to 420 beds- 50% more than currently- with 320 of those being in individual private rooms.

There’ll be 16 operating theatres- four more than at present.

It’s claimed that twice as many outpatient consultations will be able to be carried out and there’ll be a tripling of day hospital places.

The hospital itself will consist of five linked-buildings, up to three storeys high.

If all goes to plan, it should start welcoming its first patients in 2028.

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