A MONDAY morning apartment fire in the Fuensata district of Valencia claimed three lives.

The deceased were an elderly couple- aged 89 and 85 years- and their 58-year-old son.

Neighbours said that the husband and wife had hearing and mobility difficulties.

Their son had a disability and eye-witnesses saw him shouting for help from the balcony.

One of neighbours told the Levante newspaper: “It was horrifying with big flames coming from their home.”

The apartment was on the fourth-floor of a six-storey block on Calle Esculto Salzillo.

Fire crews arrived shortly after 7.15am and there was nothing that they or paramedics could do to save the family.

The blaze destroyed the apartment and spread to an adjoining floor as well as scorching part of the outside wall.

No theory has so far been put forward as to what caused the fatal fire.

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