TWO FISHERMEN died and one is missing after their boat sank off the coast of Cantabria on Monday morning.

The two deceased men came from Santander and Ghana.

Seven men were rescued after the Villaboa Uno went down 9.6 kilometres out to sea, with one of them reportedly suffering from severe hypothermia.

The 23-year-old Santander-based vessel sailed out in the early hours to catch anchovies and mackerel.

What caused the boat to sink is so far unknown.

Cantabria president, Miguel Revilla, said: “Again we have a new tragedy at sea. Rest in peace.”

An emergency radio warning beacon from the Villaboa Uno went off at 4.12am alerting that the boat had sunk.

Maritime Rescue and Guardia Civil craft went to the area along with the Spanish navy.

Another fishing vessel picked up seven crew members- one deceased- nearly an hour later, with a Santander patrol boat rescuing another man three minutes earlier.

A second fishing boat recovered another body at 5.29am, with another man still missing from the ten-strong crew of Spanish, Ghanaian, Peruvian, and Senegalese nationalities.

One of those saved was the Villaboa Uno’s skipper with all of the survivors said to be in shock at what had happened.

Rescuers said there was no sign of the sunken vessel.


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