THE POLICIA NACIONAL have seized what they described as the ‘largest cocaine stash seen for years’ in Alicante province.

35 kilos of the drug was removed during an operation in the Alicante and Elche areas which saw the arrest of two men of Spanish and Columbian nationalities.

The duo- with existing criminal records- were jailed after appearing in court.

Besides the cocaine, police impounded €32,000 in cash and three high-end vehicles used to transport the drugs- hidden in secret compartments known as ‘caletas’.

Caleta Discovery

An investigation that ran for months led to officers identifying the perpetrators who distributed the cocaine in one kilogram bags.

The police probe was difficult as the dealers used three addresses and fake identities to throw officers off their trail, especially as they had previous arrests for the same crimes.

They also made frequent journeys to other parts of the country.

At the time of their detention, an inspection of one of their distribution cars revealed a ‘caleta’ containing 12 bags of cocaine.


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