A 43-year-old Argentinian brothel owner in the Pere Garau district of Palma has been arrested for crimes relating to prostitution and infringing labour laws.

The Policia Nacional inspected her premises three times to build up a picture of the exploitative nature of the woman’s business.

All of the ten prostitutes were of legal age and carried out sex work voluntarily, but were mainly non-Spaniards who could easily be manipulated by the owner.

The women, according to police, were kept in ‘burdensome conditions’ which contravened workers rights.

The brothel owner charged exorbitant rents for her staff to stay overnight in the house- using small rooms accommodating four women in bunk beds.

She got a commission of up to 50% for each client seen by her workforce that had to be available all day and night long.

The Argentine woman also broke licensing laws by setting up a clandestine bar in the property’s living room.

The third police visit saw officers accompanied by officials from the Labour and Social Security inspectorate.


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