DOGS, surfboards, suitcases, sun lounger, motorcycle helmets and crutches were among 2,297 items left behind on TRAM d’Alacant services last year.

It means an average of six items per day were lost with October(390 items) being the most forgetful month.

The summer peak travel months of July and August- along with January- saw the lowest number of items handed in.

Wallets and purses containing ID cards, passports, driving licences, bank cards and cash dominated the list along with keys, glasses, bags, folders, and umbrellas.

Every item that’s handed in is kept at a local station for at least a month before being transferred to a lost and found facility at the Luceros station in Alicante where an attempt is made to locate owners by customer service staff.

Official documents (ID card, passports, etc.) are handed over to the police as soon as possible to try to locate their owner.

Bank and credit cards are destroyed to avoid the risk of accounts being fraudulently accessed.

The most important or valuable items are quickly claimed- often within a day.

31.6% of lost goods were reunited with owners with the rest handed over to the Alicante Policia Local.

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