The self professed ‘English speaking immigrant’, Lucy Amans runs packed out English comedy nights on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar with stand-up comic Nik Coppin.

The pair met at a comedy gig in Torremolinos back in 2018, they hit it off straight away and five years later they find themselves stewarding their own shows.

‘There certainly wasn’t an English comedy scene here before. So it made sense to start running shows, it was a clear gap in the market,’ explain the friends who are now business partners. 

Nik Coppin, Stand up comic and 1/2 founder of SUCS

‘We work really well together,’ Lucy tells us, ‘I do the promotional side of things here in Spain because I live out here.’ ‘And I work on finding the acts’, says Nik, who hails from Neasden, London. 

Tonight we’re lucky enough to see Lucy debuting as the MC, ‘usually Nik does that, but I recently took one of his stand-up courses and thought I would give it a go.’ Amans is hilariously funny and were it not for her revealing this was her first time compering we wouldn’t have guessed. 

Lucy Ammans 1
Lucy Amans, Comedian, the evening’s MC and 1/2 founder of SUCS

First up was Dani Johns, Bristol born and bred, the thirty year old is quick witted and a self-confessed ‘recovering chav’, she managed to effortlessly criss-cross along class boundaries in a hilarious self-effacing fashion. 

Onto harder hitting jokes that had the room howling, Matt Price showed up with quips on the OO-AGH-AYE (insert ‘IRA’ in a cornish accent) and was certainly not afraid to ruffle feathers, ripping into several punters including our own reporter who made the mistake of folding his arms. 

Next Nick Talton riffed on fatherhood and all the joys and woes that come with it, relatable to parents and all of us who have been children, it seems the kids still pull the same. 

We finished up with good old fashioned gags, well they never grow old do they? and John Newton came out with some solid one-liners, his next joke as unpredictable as the previous making for edge of your seat laughs.

All in all the evening covered all comedic bases and if it’s a giggle or cackle you’re after then Stand Up Comedy Spain may well be one for the diaries, they start up their series again in June. 

To find out more about Stand Up Comedy Spain visit their facebook:


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