FACE masks in Spain continue to be a requirement in hospitals, pharmacies as well as for care home staff and visitors, but not residents. However, this remaining mandatory face mask use may be scrapped very soon.

Spain’s Director of the Ministry of Health’s Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Centre, Fernando Simon, has said that the decision to eliminate the mandatory use of face masks in hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes could be made ‘soon.’

Simon, however, highlighted that the mask should still be used when someone has Covid symptoms to help ‘protect the rest of the population from respiratory infections.’

During a press-conference with journalists before taking part in a discussion on occupational health organised by the UGT in Santander, Simon added that in health and social-health centres, with a vulnerable population, it would be wise to maintain mandatory use of face masks ‘a little longer,’ especially in common areas to avoid the entry of viruses through visitors and workers.

“If we manage to maintain this culture of protecting others, I believe that the mandatory use of face masks will soon be eliminated.” Simon concluded.


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