AN OSTEOPATH alleged to have sexually abused 23 women in Barcelona between 2014 and 2016 could be jailed for over 100 years. 

He is accused of indecently touching the patients, who attended the clinic to be treated for muscle pain. 

Court papers allege that the events took place at the two clinics the doctor had under the name of Sergio M.P. in Barcelona, one in Sant Cugat de Valles and the other in the city centre. 

A Barcelona Court of Appeal prosecutor is asking for 111 years in prison and a total compensation of €255,000 to the victims. 

A number of complainants have testified in court that the doctor inappropriately touched them ‘without consent’ on various occasions. 

“He pressed my breasts very strongly and touched my vagina, causing me pain,” a victim said.

Another former patient said: “He unfastened my bra and started to touch my breasts in a sensual way. He then laid me on the stretcher and introduced his finger inside my anus.”

The prosecutor has stated that these practices were not part of a treatment for muscular pain and that the accused took advantage of the principle of trust that the patients had with him. 

Adding that: “The doctor acted to satisfy his libidinous instincts.”  

The lawyers of some of the victims have told the court that the accused was a ‘prominent figure’ in his field and a ‘respected’ and ‘recognised’ professional, so the women fully trusted him at first. 

The osteopath has maintained a non-guilty plea. 

The trial will continue over the next two weeks. 

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