THE SPANISH Civil Guard has opened an investigation into three people after they left three dogs unattended in the boot of a car while they went to eat at a restaurant. Two of the animals died while the third survived. 

The incident, which took place in the municipality of Urdax in the northern Navarre region, could see the three suspects face criminal charges of animal abuse after they left the animals in the vehicle for a total of three hours. 

The Seprona nature protection unit of the Civil Guard was alerted by members of the public to the situation of the three dogs, who had been left in the car in the sun and with the windows closed. 

When the three people – French nationals aged 61, 41 and 36 – returned to the vehicle, they found Civil Guard officers and members of the public trying to save the lives of the dogs, who had been left without water. 

The suspects had not responded to calls via a megaphone by the Civil Guard to alert the public to the situation and find the owners of the vehicle and the animals. 

Two of the dogs could not be saved, but the third recovered and was released from veterinary treatment eight days after the rescue. The animal is now being cared for in an animal sanctuary.

The three French nationals could now face prison sentences of six to 18 months in prison, as well as a two- to four-year ban for working in any profession or business related to animals.

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