A NEW campaign to control the seagull population in Malaga city is underway.

The campaign to control the nesting and breeding of seagulls is carried out annually by the urban bird control service, part of the environmental health surveillance service of the Environmental Sustainability Area.

The tasks, which are carried out by the specialised company AddaOps, consist of the preventive removal of nests and eggs at points that could pose a risk to residents or users of the surroundings given that Seagulls are renowned for aggressive territorial behaviour and will fiercely protect their nest and young from what they consider predators.

There are currently about 3,500 gulls in the city of Malaga, according to the bird census carried out in 2022.

They nest and breed between the months of April and May, choosing high places such as the roofs of buildings, ledges and similar places, often using the same nest from one year to the next.

The eggs are greenish, bluish-white with black or brown spots and are incubated by both parents for 26 to 32 days, after which they hatch and are fed by the parents.

After two or three days, the chicks leave the nest but continue to be cared for by the parents until they become independent, before they are 35 days old.

The removal of nests from roofs and patios or injured specimens can be requested through the APP #MalagaFunciona or by calling the toll free number 900 900 000.


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