A MAN has been arrested by Malaga’s Policia Local after officers stopped him trying to strangle his 87-year-old mother.

The son, 55, took advantage of his parent’s frail condition with the woman recovering from a hip operation that stops her moving without the use of a walker.

He regularly cleared out his mother’s bank account on the first of each month as he had authorised access to her bank book.

A neighbour called police on Sunday after hearing a woman screaming for help in a Malaga apartment block.

Four officers went to the building and literally put their ears to each door to see if they could hear any raised voices or arguing.

The plain-clothed officers narrowed down their search to one home, and the son even opened the front door so that they could hear what was being said.

Without noticing the police presence, he shouted he was going kill his mother before leaving.

Officers entered the home and saw the man grabbing his mother’s neck and trying to strangle her.

He was arrested with the distraught woman telling police that she had been the victim of threats, insults, and attacks from her son ‘for years’.

She also described him as a ‘habitual drug user’.

The last straw came on Sunday morning when she told him off for putting bread in the toaster, with the two slices burning, which could have caused a kitchen fire.

He responded by twisting her hand and then packing his suitcase before planning to leave her.

After Sunday’s attack, the mother was taken to Malaga’s Clinical Hospital, where her daughter has been looking after her.

The son was removed to a police cell ahead of a court appearance on a charge of attempted murder.


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