THE Conservative Popular Party (PP) has obtained more than 1.4 million votes in Andalucia in yesterday’s municipal elections, more than 185,000 votes over socialist PSOE.

In percentages, the PP won 38.1% of the votes and the PSOE 33.3%, according to data published by the Ministry of the Interior.

After the PP and the PSOE, Vox is the third political force in Andalucia, with more than 264,000 votes and 6.8% of the votes.

Con Andalucía is the fourth force in Andalucia with 251,000 votes and 6.5% of the votes, Unión Andalucista has almost 60,000 votes (1.5%), Ciudadanos 1.35% with 51,400 votes, and trailing behind is Izquierda Unida, with 0.8% and just over 33,000 votes.


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