A SCAMMER pushed his luck too far after telling police that his car had been broken into and documents including his credit card stolen in Gandia.

The 42-year-old Spaniard had stayed in a local hotel and did’nt pay his €510 bill covering his 13 night stay.

He then went to the police station with a claim that somebody had burglarised his vehicle taking his personal ID card, duplicate car keys and a credit card.

The conman went on his merry way in the hope that he could file an insurance claim once the police had registered the crime.

Unfortunately for him, the Policia Nacional discovered a report from earlier in the day that his car had run out of petrol and he broke a window himself and started to push the vehicle to the nearest gas station.

A Gandia Policia Local patrol intercepted him and he showed them the ID card that he later reported as being stolen.

Armed with this information and hearing a report about the man’s unpaid hotel stay, the Policia Nacional arrested him for fraud and for reporting a fake crime.

The Spaniard was said to have an existing criminal record.

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