FIREFIGHTERS rescued two men rendered unconscious by deadly carbon monoxide fumes at an Oliva business on Saturday.

An emergency call was made from a car wash company in the Ronda Rebollet area after the men got into trouble inside an underground wastewater tank at the front of the premises.

Fire crews from Gandia and Oliva took measurements of gases inside the tank which registered a high presence of carbon monoxide.

The entry point was narrow which made saving the men tricky but rescuers descended down the tank and placed oxygen masks on the victims before hoisting them out to get treatment from paramedics.

The toxic odourless gas causes numbness and paralysis before leading to unconsciousness and a possible cardiac arrest.

In Maestre, a couple and their two children, 15 and 17, were poisoned on Saturday by carbon dioxide seeping out of a refrigerator.

All four family members had mild poisoning symptoms and were treated at Bunyol Health Centre before being released.


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