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How to Remain Productive And Organised During Business Trips?


Traveling for business often presents challenges for team leaders who need to complete tasks remotely. Even experienced multitaskers can struggle to balance work and personal life while staying connected with the team and exploring new places. Staying productive during business travel can be difficult, but there are strategies to help. Don’t expect a vacation – working while traveling requires adaptation, quick decision-making, and seizing every opportunity. Follow these traveling organization tips to reduce stress and enjoy your business travel.


How do you stay productive while traveling?

Did you know that 38% of new leaders fail within the first 1 to 5 years due to a lack of productivity? Traveling for work can also causes productivity drops due to jet lag, time zone changes, and remote problem-solving. However, with some smart planning and self-awareness, you can overcome these challenges. Let’s think together about how I optimize my business travel. Check out these simple yet effective tips to increase your productivity.

#1 Plan your work schedule and location in advance

Don’t let slow or non-existent Wi-Fi ruin your next business trip. If your work demands a strong internet connection, it’s smart to plan ahead. Instead of relying on hotel Wi-Fi or coffee shops, consider using virtual office space. These spaces offer all the necessary amenities for productivity, including a reliable internet connection and coffee. To find a fully equipped virtual office for your business trips, check out Intelligent Office’s locations across the U.S. and Canada.

#2 Make the most of your productive time

Discovering your peak productivity time is key to maximizing your efficiency. Just like our individual characteristics, productivity is unique to each person. That’s why more and more individuals seek a flexible schedule where they aren’t beholden to others and strict deadlines.

To find your most productive hours, analyze your day and observe when you feel the most energy both physically and mentally. For example, maximum productivity usually occurs between 7:00-13:00, while minimum productivity typically falls between 13:00-15:00. The average productivity time lies between 15:00-21:00.

To determine your ideal productivity time, experiment with different time intervals or evaluate your daily routine. Empower yourself with this self-knowledge and unlock your true potential!

#3 Use technology

Make a strategic decision on which gadgets to bring before embarking on your trip. Consider whether your laptop is necessary for intensive writing tasks or if a smartphone and tablet will suffice. To minimize your load, leave unnecessary devices at home based on the purpose of your trip. Make sure you have access to reliable Wi-Fi, which can be found on most major airlines as an in-flight service. Check availability and pricing before booking your flight. Frequent travelers can benefit from a subscription plan like Gogo, which provides internet service for numerous airlines.

While you may know what is important when organizing business travel, a lot can go wrong. When traveling for business, it is important to have a technological assistant with you who can record calls. All you need to remember nothing is to use Call Recorder for iPhone. It is enough to download the application and you will be able to record any calls. However, remember the laws, so warn the interlocutor in advance. This is a great way to lighten the load on your memory.

#4 Remember to rest

When traveling for work, it’s common to have a busy schedule with little time to unwind. However, it’s crucial to find moments of relaxation amidst the chaos. Even if you have after-work socializing, prioritizing downtime is crucial. Remember, taking a few minutes to sip tea and destress can be incredibly rejuvenating. Simple acts of self-care can go a long way in keeping you refreshed and focused.

#5 Get familiar with your destination

Maximize your trip by pre-planning. Prior to arrival, take note of your lodging and nearby facilities. Determine the nearest grocery store and confirm the conference center is within walking distance away. Factor in the accessibility of taxi services, especially at night. This will save you time and increase efficiency upon arrival. Streamline your travel experience even further by downloading helpful apps like OpenTable for dinner reservations and Uber for transportation services onto your mobile device.

#6 Automate or delegate some tasks

Boost your productivity with automation! In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious. Luckily, automation tools can help you save time and focus on what really matters. Say goodbye to tedious tasks like guest posting and email marketing, and let technology take care of it for you. Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring an assistant to help with customer communication. Delegation and automation are not negative – they’re essential for staying productive. So why not streamline your life and get more done today?


Make business travel a breeze with these essential tips. Discover your most productive hours, optimize technology, take breaks, research the local area, and automate or delegate tasks. Follow each step for a stress-free and successful work trip that maximizes your productivity.

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