EXASPERATED Mallorca residents are complaining that the ‘Brits abroad’ mentality has spread to Germans and other nationalities when they holiday on the island. 

Locals residing in the picturesque resort of Arenal had long singled out Brits as the ‘worst’ culprits for misbehaviour.

But now they have noticed Germans, Dutch, and even fellow Spaniards getting up to similar loutish escapades.

Alain Carbonell, vice-president of the Arenal residents association told The Sun Online: “The Germans that used to come here had a specific way of behaving – they would always eat well, not mix their drinks, and drug use was limited.

“Now Palma Beach has been ‘Magalufised’. The Germans now do exactly what the Brits do.

“They throw themselves from balconies, they keep mixing their drinks all day, and use drugs.

“As a result, they fall asleep in people’s gardens, and they are being robbed.

Germans have learned from the Brits and started copying their drunken antics, according to Mallorca residents

“There are people vomiting all over the place while others use rubbish bins as toilets.

“After partying they go through people’s houses, trying to find their hotels, they shout, they sing, they destroy traffic signs.

“They are like crazy, it’s insufferable.

“We all live off tourism but we don’t want this kind of tourism.”

Situated between Palma and Llucmajor, Arenal has found itself increasingly popular as an alternative to Magaluf.

Accordingly, it also suffers from binge drinking, public disturbances, public nudity, and even partygoers doing number-twos in front gardens.

From March to September, the once-peaceful village transforms into a non-stop party destination.

Locals have to witness the mayhem day and night, including tourists on wild 48-hour benders, often opting to sleep on the streets or beach rather than securing accommodation. 

Residents are now calling for action from authorities to clamp down on the influx of 24-hour tourists and raise the standards of tourism in Arenal.


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