A DRUNK woman has been arrested at Alicante-Elche airport after assaulting several police officers and health workers.

The 32-year-old female of undisclosed nationality was told to leave the airport and it’s not known whether she was planning to fly or had arrived in Spain.

Elche Policia Local officers were summonsed and arrived to spot her crying and claiming that she ‘had problems inside the airport’ and had been thrown out of the terminal.

Severely intoxicated, the woman suggested that she had been raped but then changed her story and started to shove away the officers.

They tried to calm her down and get her to sit on a bench, but she kicked them and even threw her mobile phone at the officers before starting to take her clothes off.

When it came to formally arresting her, she resisted violently but was eventually placed into a patrol car where one of the officers tried to remove her handcuffs, as she resorted to head-butting a partition screen and one of the vehicle windows.

The airport doctor was called in and injected her with two sedatives which had little effect on her violent nature.

It was decided to transfer her for safety reasons to an ambulance as she continued her aggression, lashing out at police and health staff.

She was immobilised on a stretcher and was held by an officer and two paramedics to prevent her from self-harming on her journey to hospital.

Once discharged and in a more sober frame of mind, the woman was carted off to a police station and then a hearing before an Elche judge.


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