SPAIN is known for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, delicious culinary scene and idyllic beaches with crystal-clear waters, but it is also home to a world of natural wonder that is simply unparalleled, including incredible natural pools.

Lying off the beaten path, these pools beckon water-lovers to plunge into their translucent depths on hot summer days, and according to the portal ‘Trendencias Lifestyle,’ one of the most Instagram-worthy natural pools in Spain is found in Malaga.

Nestled within the depths of the Andalucian countryside, located just 2 kilometers from the village of Benaoján, the Cueva del Gato, or the Cat’s Cave, is a remarkable river pool.

Cueva Del Gato P1450522
Cueva Del Gato. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Crystal-clear and exceptionally cold water rushes out of the mountainside and into a natural lagoon, with a cave system (not open to the general public) that is home to a large colony of cavernicolous bats as well as remarkable cave paintings that date to the Upper Paleolithic.

The area was also one of the best known hideouts of bandits and smugglers in the Sierra Morena mountains during the 19th Century.

As highlighted by Trendencias, the allure of ‘the crystal-clear, pristine waters and striking waterfall makes this refreshing spot a must-visit during the hot summer’.

Additionally, the Cueva del Gato, from karst origin, is the most important system in Andalucia, with chasms, lakes, siphons, canyons and rooms that reach up to 70 metres in height.

For those wishing to visit, the Cat’s Cave has a convenient parking area located some 500m away from the pool.


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