RESIDENTS of Gibraltar who want to have their moles checked by skin cancer experts can walk in to St Bernard’s hospital on Sunday.

The Dermatology Department of the Gibraltar Health Authority will be holding its Annual Skin Cancer Screening Day on July 2.

A visiting UK consultant dermatologist will be on hand to give an expert opinion on how whether a mole could be cancerous at the Primary Care Centre.

“Early review of moles is important,” Gibraltar’s Director of Public Health Dr Helen Carter said.

The start of the summer season is often a time when the sun can hit the hardest, the health services said in a statement.

Some of the signs that a mole is malignant are irregular edges, rapid growth and bleeding.

If it has different colours, is oozing and is over 5mm in size, it is best to get it checked out.

“If anyone has a mole that they are concerned about and they are unable to attend on the 2nd July please go and see your GP,” Dr Valerie Flores, of the Primary and Emergency Care Division said.

And the Rock’s Director of Public Health warned about the dangers of UV rays for the skin and how to avoid them.

“Prevention of skin cancer is something we can all do by using sun cream, reapplying frequently and avoiding spending too much time in the sun,” Dr Carter advised.

The GHA is now setting up a new cancer unit at St Bernard’s Hospital.

It will be equipped with ‘state-of-the-art equipment and technology’, it said for World Cancer Day.

GHA Director General Patrick Geoghegan said he wants the health service to ‘take a proactive role’ in keeping Rock residents healthy.

“This is another example of our staff reaching out to our community to provide advice and support,” he said.

“Together we can look after each others health.”

The walk-in clinic will be open from 9am to 4pm apart from a lunchbreak.


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