THE Spanish government has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32% of its levels in 1990, after receiving a backlash against the previous target of 23%.  

The decision came after pressure from Greenpeace España, which has brought a pair of lawsuits against Madrid demanding a reduction of 55%.

They accused the government of failing to create a national climate strategy for the end of 2030, something required by EU law.

With increasing temperatures and droughts, Madrid has stated that global warming has led to record-breaking heat in the region. 

Environmental group leaders fighting for reduction are claiming that the effects of greenhouse emission are evident and will get worse with inaction. 

The Spanish government countered they are not bound by law to meet a specific reduction percentage and the Ukraine invasion has led to a step back in climate change efforts. 

The outcome of both lawsuits against the government have not be published. 


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