A KILLER whale has been spotted swimming around a crowded beach in La Antilla, Huelva, terrifying some beachgoers, while others calmly continued in the water.

In numerous videos shared on social networks a large fin and dark shadow can be seen rapidly approaching the shoreline prompting screams of panic from several beachgoers.

The dark shadow, of enormous dimensions, turned out to be that of a killer whale which swam dangerously close to some bathers who were paddle surfing, meanwhile other bathers scurried to safety.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the close encounter and the killer whale returned to deeper waters.

At the end of June, the Government sub-delegate in Cádiz, José Pacheco, stated that the Maritime Captaincy was studying the behaviour of killer whales in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar to determine whether to limit ‘certain areas’ and prohibit the navigation of recreational boats in certain ‘transit areas’ for these specimens, with the aim of avoiding interactions that are occurring and which, on occasions, cause numerous damages to boats.


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