A HEADLESS child’s corpse has been found at a beach in Tarragona (Catalonia). 

The body was found by a council cleaner at a beach in the municipality of Roda de Bera on Tuesday morning. 

The corpse, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, was later removed by a coroner. 

“Although the exact age of the child cannot be confirmed yet, we believe he was under two years old,” a Guardia Civil told the Olive Press

“He was not wearing beach clothes, but was dressed in a bodysuit, a kind of tracksuit and a jacket ,” said Pere Virgili, Roda de Bera mayor. 

Virgili added the kid could have been on a migrant boat sunk in the Mediterranean Sea, a hypothesis Guardia Civil is not ruling out. 

“It is possible he was travelling on a migrant ship but this cannot be confirmed. We have several lines of investigation and for now, it is not possible to prove any theory,” the Guardia spokesman told the Olive Press

He insisted: “An autopsy will be carried out tomorrow and, until then, we won’t be able to reveal any further information.” 

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