The deadly heat wave spreading across Spain has caused ground temperatures in some areas to exceed a deadly 60C.

Satellite imaging showed certain areas on the heat map as a macabre black as opposed to the usual dark red that indicates high temperatures.

Areas in Extremadura were the most affected in Spain, with some places recording temperatures of 43C. 

Another 13 of the autonomous communities were categorized as extreme risk locations with red alerts or significant risks with orange alerts. 

Mallorca, by comparison, has gotten off relatively lightly this heatwave – the maximum temperature for the week so far was 34 degrees.

The extreme heat is forecasted to last around the area for two weeks.

As of now, weather warnings remain in effect until the end of the weekend.  

However, over the weekend, temperatures will cool down slightly with highs of around 36 degrees in the southern regions. 

In the north, temperatures will reach 33 degrees. 

The high temperatures will last into the night and health experts are warning of disrupted sleep and heat exhaustion, as the tropical heat reaches the inland areas. 

There are also concerns over air quality as dust from the Sahara travels to the south of Spain. 

The dust particles and the heat combined will create poor breathing conditions and it is recommended that those with shortness of breath and other health conditions refrain from prolonged time outdoors. 

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