THREE leaders of a sect that recruited young people and drugged them have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Castellon province.

The group called itself ‘The Family of the Soul’ and mascaraded as a conventional psychotherapy group in a villa in La Pobla Tornesa.

It’s real purpose was to offer therapies to young people- some of whom were minors- with shamanic rituals costing €10,000 where drugs were given to victims to curb their free will.

Seized Drugs Used In Rituals

Authorities have identified a hundred people as victims of the cult and investigations started after parents of two victims filed complaints with the police.

Those arrested include the leader of the group who branded herself as a guru that claimed to know ‘the absolute truth’.

It is the second cult group to have been broken up in Castellon province in just over a year.

In March 2022, the Policia Nacional arrested the leadership of a sex sect that operated for decades out of a farmhouse in Vistabella del Maestrat.

The leaders of the ‘The Family of the Soul’ have been carrying out their activities for years and settled in to their latest base at La Pobla Tornesa a few months ago.

Followers from around Spain went to shamanic therapies or rituals in which drugs and hallucinogenic substances were consumed ahead of collective group sessions where attendees had to be naked and sexual therapies were administered- mostly against the will of the victims.

Some of the members of the collective had been attending meetings for over 15 years and payments were always made in cash to avoid attracting the attention of authorities.


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