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Weather alerts for most of Spain’s regions as Storm Denise arrives from the Atlantic

NEARLY all of Spain’s regions have weather alerts today, thanks to the arrival of Storm Denise from the Atlantic. The weather front is forecast...

Mallorca registers one of ‘hottest months ever’, warm winter on the way

More records for scorching temperatures in Spain have been reached after a popular tourist island just recorded its hottest month. Mallorca has registered one of...

Why UK tourists will stop traveling to Spain in five years

UK HOLIDAY makers believe Spain will be off-limits as a summer travel destination by 2027, according to new research. Following this summer’s wildfires and record-breaking...

Balearic Islands: Stunning marine tornadoes spotted off Mallorca beach

WATCH: A spectacular natural phenomenon has occurred off the coast of Mallorca, and it's been captured on camera. An impressive multiple waterspout phenomenon off the...

Benidorm floods: Weather warning for Costa Blanca’s Valencia, Alicante

More ferocious storms have been forecast to smash the Costa Blanca, right after cleanup efforts only just started to clear damage from the last...

Que Calor! Warnings of 40ºC as first official heatwave hits Spain

SPAIN’S Meteorological Agency has warned that the first official heatwave of 2022 is set to sweep across the peninsula and Balearic Islands this weekend...

Temperatures forecast to drop in Andalucia from Monday

SPAIN'S state weather agency, AEMET, has forecast a drop in temperature of a few degrees for the region of Andalucia starting Monday, November 15.  AEMET...

Spain’s Castellon flooded out by freak summer storms

CASTELLON Province suffered a freak storm this week that caused severe flooding and triggered hailstone warnings in many areas. Peñiscola was the worst hit, witnessing...

Sudden 80 kph gust of hot wind knocks over large Ferris wheel in Spain’s Gandia

Further north in Castellon, another thermic blowout pushed temperatures above 42ºC… at 2 am on Sunday morning.

First ‘real’ heatwave of the summer predicted for Spain’s Valencia region this week

THE Valencia region is bracing itself for what is predicted to be, somewhat surprisingly, the first real heatwave of the summer. Despite the usual high...

LONG HOT SUMMER: Weather experts in Spain’s Valencia region predict longer and warmer season this year

THIS summer will be long, hotter than usual and with at least 80 ‘tropical’ nights in the Valencia region. Experts at the Climatology Laboratory of...

SOGGY JUNE: Strong end-of-spring storms whip Castellon area of Spain

FIERCE – and somewhat unexpected – storms hit Castellon Province yesterday (Thursday June 18). The fire department was called out to rescue an elderly and...

GRAB A BROLLY: Heavy rainfall causes flooding and problems in Spain’s Castellon Province

The weekend is predicted to bring heavier rain once again from tomorrow

Spain’s Andalucia scorches just in time for loosening of COVID-19 restrictions as warm weather set to continue into next...

PEOPLE got their first taste of summer this weekend as temperatures soared to over 30C in Andalucia. The nation's lockdown eased yesterday for the nearly...

Town in Spain’s Andalucia issues yellow weather warning following tornado like conditions

20 incidents of falling trees and branches were reported in Jerez alone on Monday

Spain’s Malaga on track to experience driest year ever as reservoirs remain half full

Until now, the driest year ever was in 1985 when 267 litres of rain per square metre fell in the regional capital

SPAIN CLIMATE CRISIS: October was Costa del Sol’s ninth warmest in 100 years

The tenth month of the year was the ninth warmest this century, with temperatures 1.3 degrees Celsius above normal.

Storm Bruno set to bring snow to Andalucia, fierce winds to the Balearics

SNOW is predicted to fall in the mountains of Andalucia tomorrow ahead of a week of inclement weather. Storm Bruno will hit the peninsula hard,...




Embassy: UK licence holders will have to take ‘psychophysical aptitude test’ to exchange document for Spanish one 

THE BRITISH embassy on Friday provided more information about how driving licence exchange will work once an agreement between Spain and the UK has...


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