SPAIN IS currently suffering from the fourth heatwave of the summer season so far, with the extreme weather pushing the mercury up above the 45ºC mark. 

Monday was the second day of this current episode, and saw highs of 45.2Cº in the municipality of El Granado in Huelva province, as well as 44.5ºC in Cordoba Airport. 

That’s according to provisional data from the Aemet state weather service, reported by news agency Europa Press. 

A number of other weather stations in the southern Andalusia region also registered temperatures in excess of 40ºC, such as Ecija in Seville, which saw 43.8ºC on Monday afternoon, and La Rambla in Cordoba, which hit as high as 43.7ºC. 

Today, Tuesday, is expected to be the worst day in the current heatwave, with more than 60 areas on orange alert due to temperatures in excess of 40ºC, compared to 35 areas the day before.

Both maximum and minimum temperatures are due to fall from Thursday, but the hot weather will persist in much of the inland peninsular and Mallorca. Many areas will still see 38 to 40ºC on Friday.

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