SPAIN’S weird year of weather continued this weekend, with snow falling in parts of Spain and hailstones in parts of the Mediterranean. 

Snowfall was registered on Friday in the mountains of La Raya in Asturias, while the hail and heavy showers came down in Catalonia and Valencia. Many of the areas affected had not seen a single drop of rain in months.   

According to the state meteorological service Aemet, the year so far has been the driest since records began. Less than half of the average rain was registered during the first four months of 2023, Reuters reported. 

The unusually warm and dry conditions so far this year made the reports of snow and hail all the more surprising. Spain has had 11 days that have been above the average in terms of temperature, said Reuters, which is twice the number usually seen over an entire year. 

This weekend has seen a drop in temperatures, which are currently lower than usual for this time of year. 

Showers and storms are forecast to continue this week according to Aemet, and while temperatures will rise from Monday in the south of the peninsula, they will stay as much as 10ºC lower than average in the north.

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