A FIVE-year-old boy from Wales has been hailed a hero for saving his sister’s life after she nearly drowned in their hotel swimming pool.

The Taylor family were on holiday in Mallorca when Harvey Taylor’s older sister, Elliemay, eight, got into difficulties while playing in a rubber ring.

However, her younger brother had received training from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) expert who had recently visited his school. 

“The children were all playing in the pool in rubber rings,” said mum Zoe. 

Brave Harvey Taylor posing for his award from the RNLI Llandudno Lifeboat after saving his sister from drowning. Credit: RNLI Llandudno Lifeboat

“They decided to go to another area of the pool, Elliemay got out of her depth, she fell through the ring and started to panic. 

“She was in real trouble and in serious danger of drowning. Harvey knew exactly what to do as the RNLI had taught him not to panic and to put his hands up and call for help. 

“I honestly think without the lesson he’d had he wouldn’t have even realised what was happening. 

“He was shouting loudly and raising the alarm, which managed to attract attention and Elliemay was rescued.”

Zoe contacted the school to express her heartfelt appreciation for the RNLI’s role in enabling Harvey to save his sister’s life.

When the family returned to their home in Old Colwyn in Conwy, North Wales, Harvey was presented with a special certificate commemorating his heroic actions.


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