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Costa Blanca street hawker hero who saved a man from his burning home becomes a Spanish citizen

A Senagalese street vendor who became a hero last December after leaping into action to save a man from a fire, is now a...

EXCLUSIVE: British expat on Spain’s Costa del Sol saves woman’s life after she tried to jump off bridge

A BRITISH expat on the Costa del Sol has called for more to be done to combat mental health issues after saving a woman’s life after she attempted to commit suicide.

EXCLUSIVE: Hero who chased and tackled ‘killer’ at club stabbing on Spain’s Costa del Sol is Gibraltar Chief Minister’s...

“It was really violent and there was literally a river of blood as his attacker must have hit an artery”

Hero teen praised by Government after diving into sea to rescue sunfish stranded off Gibraltar

“He can be well proud, as I am of him and of all the youth who are so committed to the wellbeing of the environment and of the planet”

WATCH: ‘Superhero’ promises to drive tobacco smugglers out of town in southern Spain

In the footage a man, disguised as a Power Ranger, addresses the camera and warns smugglers their trade will soon come to an end

Family of hero mum drowned in Mallorca write heartfelt letter to emergency services as little boy, 5 still missing

Courageous mother, Joana, 40, died after plucking her daughter Ursula from the torrent of water rapidly flooding their vehicle

Former Costa del Sol karting champion launches international rent-a-car service

The young entrepreneur has put his racing lifestyle - and a banking and finance degree - on hold




VIA VERDE: Cycling and kayaking through Catalunya’s Ebro Delta makes for a great family adventure

THIS was a holiday which separated the men from the boys. Unfortunately, my fear of the dark meant I came across as one of...