TRAVELLING with your furry companion can often be a challenge due to restrictions imposed by various establishments and companies. However, Renfe, the Spanish railway operator, has been working on making this experience more pet-friendly, and now, it’s becoming a reality.

As part of their ‘Pet-Friendly Transport Service,’ a joint initiative with Purina, Renfe will now allow passengers to travel with their pets on Avlo, the company’s low-cost high-speed train service.

This exciting development comes as a result of expanding their ‘Mascota Grande’ (Big Pet) project.

Passengers can currently bring dogs and other small pets on board, provided they do not exceed a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. This includes cats, ferrets, non-poultry birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits.

The Avlo route between Madrid and Malaga will be among the first to feature this new service.

Additionally, these new pet-friendly policies will complement the existing ones on specific AVE (high-speed) train lines, such as Madrid – Alicante, Madrid – Malaga, Madrid – Barcelona (with a stop in Zaragoza), and Madrid – Malaga, where dogs weighing up to 40 kilograms are permitted.

Requirements for Pet Travel

To bring your pet on board, you must purchase an additional supplement at the time of buying your passenger ticket, as well as meet the following requirements:

  • The maximum weight of the pet must not exceed 10 kilograms, and throughout the entire journey, they must be kept inside a cage, carrier, or other securely closed container, without occupying a passenger seat. So either positioned at their owner’s feet or lap.
  • The carrier’s dimensions should not exceed 60 x 35 x 35 centimetres and must have a device for containing and disposing of waste.
  • Pets must always remain under the control of their owners throughout the journey. Owners are responsible for ensuring compliance with necessary hygiene and safety conditions. They must also carry the necessary documentation in accordance with current legislation.
  • For passengers travelling with dogs weighing over 10 kilograms, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, it is mandatory to have liability insurance covering damages to third parties, which includes those responsible for the animal. This is a legal requirement for dog ownership.

With these pet-friendly measures in place, Renfe is aiming to make travel an enjoyable experience not just for humans but also for their four-legged friends.


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