A TOTAL of nine women have been murdered by their partners or ex partners in Spain in July. 

The last two women, killed by their partners in Barcelona and Sevilla’s Utrera, bring the number of victims of gender-based violence to 32 in 2023. 

The figures show an increase compared to July last year, when seven women were murdered.

“The number of women murdered by their partners often grows during the summer as couples spend more time together, which creates more chances for a femicide to take place,” Susana Gisbert, Prosecutor specialised in gender-based violence said. 

She added that one of the most dangerous moments for victims of gender-based violence often takes place when they decide to end their relationship and that statistically, ‘there are more divorces during the end of the summer.’ 

Of the 32 women murdered, 18 were Spanish while 14 had a different nationality. 

While nearly half of them (42%) were aged between 41 and 50. 

And only seven had previously filed a complaint against their assailants. 

“We are all responsible for denouncing gender-based violence related offences. Sometimes, family members do not file a complaint to not complicate things, but these situations always get worse,” Gisbert concluded. 

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