TWO plain-clothes officers have been arrested in Marbella over allegations they solicited sexual favours from two undocumented women in exchange for turning a blind eye to their immigration status.

One of the women made a complaint on July 31 which stated the two officers had stopped them to ask for their identification and then later sexually assaulted them.

The complaint contained an audio clip of the conversation they had had with the officers, which one of the women managed to record on her phone.

The Family and Women’s Care Unite of the Marbella police opened an investigation and arrested the two officers last Saturday.

The two South American women argued they felt coerced in exchange for allegedly not reporting their irregular situation however the two officers maintained the events were consensual.

On the same day as their arrest, a Marbella court ordered the police officers to be remanded in custody for four crimes: Sexual assault, bribery, negotiations prohibited to public officials and against privacy.


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