A MAN has been seriously hurt by a reversing car in San Pedro de Alcantara, near Marbella.

The victim, believed to have been a British man in his eighties, was hit by a vehicle when he was using an ATM outside Unicaja bank at Lagasca Street. 

“A woman parked right in front of the ATM accidentally reversed when she started the car, hitting the man, who crashed against the bank’s glass wall and then fell to the ground,” a witness told the Olive Press. 

She added: “I saw it happening right in front of my eyes.

“At the bank we heard a very loud noise and when we went outside, the street was covered in blood,” Elena, a Unicaja employee, told the Olive Press. 

Victoria Fernandez, who works at the Pharmacy that is right next to the bank, explained what happened after the accident, which describes as ‘horrible.’

“A fireman who was not in service used his t-shirt and a dog leash to make a tourniquet. Then, nurses from a nearby clinic administered him intravenous medicines. The ambulance arrived quickly and he was transferred in a helicopter to Malaga hospital. The woman who accidentally hit him was devastated.”

Witnesses, believe the man was British because he was speaking English when doctors attended him.

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