THE renowned Sanlucar horse races are gearing up for another edition on the beaches of Cadiz province.

This historical event, now in its 178th year and declared of international tourist interest, is set to attract local attendees and visitors alike.

The event holds such significance that it not only captivates those present, who gather on the sandy shores of Cadiz to witness the excitement, but also garners a wider audience watching remotely from their homes.

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The event consists of two sets of races, each spanning three days.

This year, the first set of races will take place starting today, Thursday August 10 and will run until Saturday 12, followed by a second round from August 25-27.

Set against a backdrop of breathtaking sunsets, riders compete for various prizes in a vibrant ambiance.

The races are open for all to attend without any entry fee, and at the finish line, official betting stands add to the excitement.

Adding an extra layer of enjoyment, children set up their own unique and colourful betting stands along the beach.

These festivities coincide with the celebrations honouring the local patron saint in Sanlucar and the town becomes a vibrant hub of activity during this period, as people come together to enjoy the thrill of horse racing against the backdrop of the coastline.

This cherished tradition is believed to have originated from informal contests among fishmongers, vying to reach the market first.


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