THE Mijas local police have recently intervened in an incident involving a group of underage individuals using nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’, in the Calypso area.

During a routine surveillance operation, the police discovered the group openly using the substance in the street.

As a result, more than twenty bottles of nitrous oxide were confiscated.

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This marks the fifth reported case this year in which the Policia Local have intervened in instances of nitrous oxide misuse.

Authorities have emphasized that that the sale of nitrous oxide for recreational purposes is considered a violation of public health regulations.

The substance has gained attention as a matter of concern, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it has become one of the most frequently used substances among individuals aged 16 to 24.

Nitrous oxide misuse can have adverse health effects, especially when used repeatedly or over extended periods.

The substance can impact vitamin B12 metabolism and may lead to health complications, including suffocation and, in extreme cases, death.


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