THOUSANDS of bogus-branded clothes and accessories have been seized by the Guardia Civil during visits to Benidorm shops and Moraira market.

Twelve people have been arrested and charged with copyright infringement with 3,470 items removed.

Three simultaneous inspections were carried out in Benidorm shops that were selling counterfeit football shirts.

One of the Benidorm outlets had most of their fake garment stock hidden in a storage area inside the walls of the business and camouflaged with the same same material as the rest of the walls.


Nine stalls were also paid a surprise visit at Moraira market with officers accompanied by an expert who could determine whether items being sold were genuine or not.

1,698 bogus clothing and accessory items were discovered using names of premium brands that had a high retail value.

None of the stall holders had any evidence that the goods had been purchased from authorised dealers.

Experts said most of the items were very well made, although the quality of the materials was sub-standard compared to the originals.

Benidorm’s Investigating Court is handling the prosecution of the dozen retailers.

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