FORMER EastEnders star Daniella Westbrook has been interrogated by armed police in Spain’s Ibiza over an unpaid €37 petrol bill from five years ago.

The 49-year-old actress has revealed she was taken to a room where she was quizzed by six officers minutes after her arrival at Ibiza Airport. 

Westbrook was arrested in Malaga in 2018 and detained for 14 hours over a driving offence and was convicted that same year for failing to pay for €37 of petrol. 

“I landed in Ibiza and everybody went through passport control and when I put my passport in it, the screen said ‘stop, wait for assistance’ so I thought there was something wrong with my passport,” the soap star told the Mirror

She added: “The passport guy came over and said: ‘wait there’. Then, the door opened and about six police officers came out and said to me, ‘We need to speak to you.’”

“They said they have details for a denuncia, which is like an outstanding offence in Spain which has not been dealt with.”

The actress explained to the agents that she has been trying to deal with the offence for the past five years but that she has not yet been able to resolve it. 

Daniella will have to return to Spain to face court next week in relation to this oily issue.  

“They couldn’t deal with it in Ibiza because it wasn’t near where it happened. So they basically subpoenaed me up to the court to try and get it sorted out,’ she said. 

Danniella intended to spend the holiday relaxing in Spain after recently returning to Turkey for her eighth boob job. 

Daniella revealed to the MailOnline that she plans to sell her breast implants on Only Fans for £40,000.

Her time in Turkey followed a nightmare surgery at a different clinic in the country, which she had in a desperate attempt to save her collapsing face.

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