FIVE FOREIGN tourists have been fined €180,000 for the dangerous practice of ‘balconing’ at Magaluf hotels so far this summer.

The Calvia Policia Local has identified the perpetrators who put their lives on the line- often under the influence of alcohol and drugs- by leaping between hotel balconies or into swimming pools.

Each of the five people identified- no nationalities disclosed- have each been fined €36,000.

They were also ordered immediately to find somewhere else to stay in compliance with the regional law to curb tourist excesses.

Calvia City Council’s Juan Feliu, said the penalties are a ‘powerful deterrent effect.”

“Balconing is not tolerable in our municipality because it is an irresponsible practice that can cause serious irreversible injuries and even death,“ said Feliu.

The council is seeking to change the area’s tourist image and has introduced a zero-tolerance police towards balconing with extra police patrols looking out for offenders.

The last incident took place at 6am on Monday when a tourist jumped from one balcony to another.

He was hit with an immediate big fine and expelled from his hotel.

There have been no balconing fatalities so far over the summer but the council admits its a situation that they cannot fully control.

Calvia’s mayor has met in recent weeks with the British consul and tourist sector representatives to show the authority’s determination to stamp out extreme behaviour like balconing.

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