FOUR men were granted provisional release from custody in Catalunya on Monday, after their arrest on suspicion that they were planning on sabotaging the Vuelta Ciclista a España cycling race as it passed through the northeastern region. 

The judge in Lleida overseeing the case also imposed a restraining order on the men, who are reportedly supporters of independence for Catalunya, forbidding them from coming within 500 metres of the event during its stages in the region. 

The Catalan High Court stated on Monday that they are facing charges of public disorder, environmental crimes, road safety offences and belonging to a criminal organisation. 

According to Spanish press reports, the four men were arrested on Saturday night ahead of the Vuelta stage in the Solsona county on Monday. 

The four were reportedly planning on spilling engine oil on the road ahead of the arrival of the cyclists.

If they are spotted near the race again, they will face arrest and could be charged with breaching the court order.

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