AN 85-year-old man has died in Caceres from Legionnaires’ disease, with six others affected and hospitalised.

As of Tuesday, August 29, four patients are currently under close observation at San Pedro de Alcantara Hospital.

Among the affected individuals are an 85-year-old woman and three men aged 76, 71, and 55.

Additionally, two 65-year-old men have been admitted to the medical facility’s intensive care unit (ICU).

Rafael Mateos, the city’s mayor, said: “The problems are usually in the vapour sprays, and that is where controls have to be increased.”

Typically, Legionnaires’ disease is not contagious but is very easily spread through bacteria inhaled from water or soil particles.

Eight public fountains in Caceres were turned off last week following the small outbreak of cases.

The bacterium was discovered as a result of precautionary measures.

The Legionella bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease also causes Pontiac fever, an illness resembling the flu.

Pontiac fever usually clears on its own, but untreated Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal.


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