THE AUTHORITIES in Tenerife are estimating that the forest fire that broke out on the Canary Island on August 15, and that razed 15,000 hectares of land, has caused €80 million worth of damage. Fortunately no lives were lost in the natural disaster. 

The fire is still burning on the island nearly two weeks later, but is reported to be stable. The blaze affected a perimeter of 90 kilometres through a total of 12 municipalities, according to figures cited by news agency Europa Press. 

Speaking on Thursday, the island’s premier Rosa Davila gave the damage estimate, and added that the local government is likely to declare the island a ‘disaster area’. 

“The damage, solely for Island Council infrastructure and the conditions for the regeneration of the land in the Teide National Park, is estimated at around €80.4 million,” Davila explained.

The figure cited includes damage to roads, water infrastructure and agriculture, among other elements. 

Calling the blaze ‘the biggest seen in the Canary Islands in the last 40 years’, Davila added that the impact would be severe for those working in agriculture and livestock farming. 

She also used the opportunity to call for a ‘permanent base for firefighting planes’ to be built on the island, Europa Press reported. 

“After three years suffering terrible fires all over the Canaries and after the fire that the island of Tenerife has suffered, I don’t think there is any question that the Canary Islands need a permanent base for firefighting planes,” she said.

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