THE British suspect in the death of a bouncer at former TOWIE star Elliot Wright’s Costa del Sol restaurant has been arrested for the third time this year so far, this time for carrying a firearm in his vehicle. 

The 32-year-old, whose first name police sources told the Olive Press is ‘Harry’ and has been identified with the initials HGJ.S, was detained on Sunday evening by the National Police in Marbella.

Officers inspected his vehicle at a routine checkpoint near Puerto Banus and discovered a weapon, leading to his arrest for illegal possession of arms. 

harry british gangster
‘Harry’, a 32-year-old British gangster who was arrested on Sunday for illegal firearm possession, had already been arrested back in April for the killing of a Cala de Mijas doorman, Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo

Upon identifying him, the officers also discovered that he is already involved in two other incredibly serious cases – one for attempted murder and another for manslaughter.

He was inexplicably granted bail on both occasions, much to Guardia Civil frustration, who described him to the Olive Press at the time as a ‘very bad man’. 

In April he was arrested for his involvement in the death of bouncer Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo, a 55-year-old dad of two. The suspect is alleged to have knocked Pisani out with a punch while he was trying to break up a fight. The doorman later died in hospital. 

Jose Pisani Facebook
Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo, 55, worked as a bouncer at TOWIE star Elliot Wright’s popular Costa del Sol bar

It also emerged earlier this year that the British man is thought to have been part of a team of contract killers who shot an Irish gangster in 2022. 

A gang of six Brits, including the suspect, was detained at the start of February for the attempted murders of three men at Turtle Lake near Marbella, Walter Finch reports.

The three Irish nationals were fishing in the area when they were surprised by the alleged gangsters. One of the targets of the shooting was wounded in the attack by gunfire while the other two escaped unharmed. 

Olivia´s 1
Olivia’s, the restaurant where bouncer Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo was knocked out.

Despite his involvement in this case, he was granted bail by a judge in Fuengirola after his arrest over the doorman death. 

It is not currently clear whether he is being kept in custody or has been released once more after the arrest at the weekend.

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