6 Sep, 2023 @ 16:37
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Colombian mafia tries to kill local businessman twice: Three hitmen and woman are arrested after failed drive-by shooting followed by second foiled €30,000 plot in Spain’s Valencia

FOUR Colombian hired killers who attempted to murder a local businessman in Valencia province have been arrested by a Guardia Civil special unit. 

Three hitmen and a woman attempted to take the life of the man by shooting at him when he was leaving a car just outside his company, but missed.

The attempted murder took place in Pucol in December, but Guardia Civil officers believed they were planning to redeem themselves this summer. 

Last December 16, two men on a motorbike stopped next to the victim’s vehicle and, without saying a word, fired a bullet that passed just centimeters from his head. 

One of the hitmen attempted to shoot at him again after the first miss, but there was an issue with his gun, which allowed the man to escape after quickly shutting the door, starting the car and driving away. 

The moment in which the hitmen attempted to take the bussinesman’s life. Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil started an investigation and discovered that the motorcycle used by the criminals was a Kawasaki.

This led to find out that the perpetrators were a Colombian hitmen gang based in Valencia and Catalonia’s Girona. 

Officers discovered that the two contract killers had contacted a third hitman to finish the task, as one of them was convalescing from recent surgery. 

The three hitmen had carried out surveillance of the victim and his entourage for three months as part of the planning of the crime. 

Before the second murder attempt could take place, Guardia Civil agents of a special unit arrested them after searching a total of five apartments in Valencia and Girona. 

The gun seized. Guardia Civil.

A woman who received periodic payments for keeping and hiding the firearm used during the first assault was also arrested. 

Guardia Civil agents arrest one of the members of the gang. Guardia Civil.

The criminal group had received an advanced payment of €15,000 and were to be given the same amount after finishing the job. 

The three hitmen will be remanded in custody while the woman has been released on bail. 

Guardia Civil has not yet discovered who hired the Colombians and do not know the reason behind the attempted murder. 

“We are currently investigating who gave the order to kill the businessman and trying to find out why someone would want to do this,” a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press. 

“I don’t know who wants to kill me. I am not doing anything dodgy and I have not committed a crime in my whole life,” the businessman told Las Provincias. 

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