MURCIA’S regional assembly has re-elected the Partido Popular’s Fernando Lopez Miras as president following an investiture vote on Thursday.

Lopez Miras secured an absolute majority after reaching a coalition deal with the far-right Vox party who will get two ministerial positions in the government.

Thursday’s vote ends 100 days of political uncertainty and posturing ever since the the regional elections in late May.

Such was the length of the impasse that if Lopez Miras was unsuccessful today, fresh elections would have had to be called.

The accord with Vox was struck on Tuesday and Lopez Miras got 30 votes(21 PP and 9 Vox) out of the 45 assembly members.

“Today begins a government for all, pray to whom you pray, love who you love or think as you think,” said the president.

He reiterated his commitment to equality and against ‘sexist violence’.

“We will not leave anyone behind,” he said in his speech which also reiterated his defence of the Mar Menor, which has suffered severe pollution problems over the close-to three decades that the Partido Popular have run the Murcia region.

The government will officially take office on Monday, and the two portfolios given to Vox will be the development and security departments.

Jose Angelo Antelo will get the security portfolio as well as the title of vice-president.

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